Why the Earth Loves Industrial Shredders

By | February 27, 2019

Recycling has fast become the norm in this country. With the incentive to turn in cans for change, the convenience of recycling pickups that can now be scheduled with regular trash pickup, and the new green wave taking over corporate America, it has become easier than ever to do your part to help out the environment. There are many little things that can make huge impacts but the one that few people think of is actually quite common. It is called industrial shredding and is the process by which large amounts of sensitive information are collected, shredded, and hauled away for an affordable price. There are many benefits to this service but the least known one is its impact on the environment.

The paper shredded by industrial shredders isn’t just hauled away to a landfill somewhere. It is taken to a specialized center where the paper is used for commercial packing in the place of Styrofoam peanuts, reused for stationary, or used in the creation of new boxes or other packaging. Composting can be another popular use for shredded paper. It provides proper drainage of soil and a better circulation of nutrients for the plant. Everyday items like paper towels, paper plates, and even toilet tissue may also be made of recycled paper.

Saving the Earth for Future Generations
Instead of taking up space in a landfill, industrial shredders have reduced the paper down to a manageable and usable size. Deforestation is also prevented since the need to cut down more trees becomes unnecessary since the paper is recycled and used for something else. And with global warming being widely recognized as a real phenomenon, it helps in the reduction of a carbon footprint being left on the planet. This reduced carbon foot is possible due to less water usage for the processing of wood into paper products, less air pollution from the factories that would produce the paper, and a decreased amount of chemicals needed to strip the trees and ready them for production. Paper can be recycled up to five times before it becomes necessary to start the whole process over again.

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Monetary Incentives Build the Community
Recycling has become a chance to better the community. State and Federal governments are now offering incentives to businesses that handle there recycling in a responsible manner. This is a great way to get tax writer offs as well as show your support for the community. And with less trash to take to the landfills, the cost of carting it off and picking it up will decrease and open up money for other programs in the community.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of going green. Besides reducing the carbon print on the planet, slowing down global warming, and reducing the need for deforestation, it helps the community out. And if the people are going green, the businesses are sure to follow. With everyone doing their part to help protect the environment, maybe there will be an earth to leave behind for our future generations.

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