Why does pantene cause hair loss

By | June 28, 2020

why does pantene cause hair loss

And the experts we spoke with didn’t seem to be convinced of the claims. Sharon October 9, , pm. After buying several different bottles with the same result. Is pieces of hair loss per day normal for men? Then I went back to Pantene daily moisture renewel which I had been using before she dissed it. Beautiful hair every day January 23, , am. Teressa Taylor January 23, , am.

TBH, Pantene only works for those with frizzy hair. I just read your comment. When I told her I used only Pantene conditioner, she gave the the hype response. Di March 25, , am. I have not had any build up and my hair is soft. Angie March 29, , pm.

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This last time was very disappointing and the worst. Causes of hair loss can run the gamut from health issues, prescription medicine, prolonged stress and hormonal changes. The same thing happened to me. Jeffery February 4, , pm. That being the. Of course, I tell them Pantene. My own hair reacts the same way; there is definitely a problem with the formula. Depending on how quickly you go through a product, you will be spending as much as you would on a more concentrated, professional product.

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