Why do diabetics not feel chest pain

By | May 4, 2020

why do diabetics not feel chest pain

Yet, in nearly half of all heart attack cases, these symptoms are noticeably absent. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. What clinical trials are open? People with type 1 diabetes may also be at higher-than-average risk, Dr. Melvyn Jones of University College London. Due to this lack of symptoms, the patient is unaware that they have suffered a major cardiovascular event. High blood pressure If you have high blood pressure, your heart must work harder to pump blood.

With commentary by Elsayed Z. Not all heart attacks announce themselves with Hollywood-style crushing chest pain and a drenching, cold sweat. A silent heart attack may be missed because the symptoms are mild or seem like another, less-urgent health issue — such as indigestion, heartburn, the flu, fatigue or an ache-y muscle — notes Elsayed Z. Soliman told EndocrineWeb. They may also miss out on stepped-up attention to blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, exercise and stress afterwards that lower risk for future problems. Soliman says silent heart attacks are a particular concern for people with diabetes. The study is part of the on-going Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities research project involving white and African-American volunteers from Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi and North Carolina. Participants underwent electrocardiograms to measure electrical activity in the heart; abnormalities can signal that a silent heart attack has happened.

Diabetics why pain feel do not chest

Published online before print May 16, , 2. Knowing your diabetes ABCs will help you manage your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition to damaging levels of blood glucose, patients are also more likely to experience high cholesterol and obesity, all of which strain the cardiovascular system. Reuters Health – People with diabetes may not always feel classic symptoms like acute chest pain when they have a heart attack, according to a small study that offers a potential explanation for why these episodes are more deadly for diabetics. Learn more about healthy ways to cope with stress. Get advice. Ganda says, due to nerve damage and overall heart-disease risk. You May Also Like. You May Also Like

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