What viruses cause muscle pain

By | May 3, 2020

what viruses cause muscle pain

Myositis is the medical term for muscle inflammation. In myositis, inflammation damages the fibers of a muscle. This causes muscles to be weak by interfering with the ability of the muscles to contract. Although myositis can cause muscle aches and muscle tenderness, weakness is usually the dominant symptom. In some cases, myositis is a short-term problem that goes away after a few days or weeks. In other cases, it is part of a chronic long-term condition. Chronic forms of myositis can lead to muscle atrophy wasting and shrinking and severe disability.

On rare occasions, this condition may cause weakening of the heart. Patients should be advised to rest, and myalgias may muscle treated with analgesics. His muscles were tender to the touch. Pain 7, [Last accessed on April 7]. The route of infection is usually hematogenous viruses, although direct what during steroid injection due to lack of disinfection before the procedure was hypothesized in one case cause

Viruses cause muscle pain what

Myositis is the name for a group of rare conditions that can cause muscles to become weak, tired and painful. The word myositis simply means inflammation in muscles. If something is inflamed, it may be swollen. Having myositis can also lead to other parts of the body being affected, such as the skin, lungs or heart. There are several types of myositis. The two most common types are polymyositis and dermatomyositis.

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