Welcome to Summer Running

By | June 8, 2019

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Hello June! I know it’s not officially summer for two more weeks, but I am on vacation, driving across the country with my dog, and I’m already in a summery state of mind. Here are some summertime tips for runners.

Wirecutter has two recommendations: Coppertone Ultra Guard Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 and No-Ad Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50. They note that they don’t like spray sunscreen but recommend one anyway (Banana Boat Sport Performance Clear Ultramist Sunscreen SPF 100), which I appreciate. I’ve made it to Los Angeles on my cross-country road trip, and unless my dog learns how to put sunscreen on my back, spray is still going to be my best option.

Wirecutter’s picks for running belts include some that can hold your water and sports drinks. I’m not a fan of belts myself — I don’t like that extra weight around my waist. Instead, I’ll often carry a bottle (a long discontinued option from Nathan that I love so much I bought every one I could find on eBay) or wear a hydration backpack. My current fave is the Nathan Quick Start 4L Race Pack.

If you’re looking to get in some running-related reading this summer, you have options. This week, The Times ran an excerpt from a new book by its deputy sports editor Matthew Futterman, “Running to the Edge.” And in the Book Review recently, Claire Dederer reviewed Katie Arnold’s “Running Home.” My mother, who swiped it from my “to read” pile, highly recommends it.

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(Also, The Times has a wonderful roundup of summer reading and Vulture has a great piece on what is a beach read.)

While vacation is fun, I know it can also be tough to get in hard workouts while doing things like enjoying margaritas that come in novelty glasses shaped like hats. My best advice is to try to do what you can, but don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll end up frustrated. I’m not on a set schedule to train for the New York City Marathon yet, but on this road trip, my goal has been to run 20 minutes every other day. It’s a modest amount, but I’m still coming back from an injury. It also means I’m not forcing myself to hit mileage goals while running in conditions I’m not used to, like 6,500 feet of elevation (Durango, Colo.), or while in the desert (Kingman, Az.)

I’ll be staying in California for a week because tomorrow I meet up with my father and sister in Disneyland — and yes, we’re going to the new Star Wars section, Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve been scouring the Disneyland blogs and read Brooks Barnes’s write-up to prepare. Our top goal is to get on the Millennium Falcon (though I’ll pass on the blue milk).

I know a lot of you like to tweet me as soon as this newsletter hits your inbox, but I’m on California time, which means I’m (hopefully) still asleep. Still, let me know about your summer running reads, or any great vintage shops in the Los Angeles area because that’s what I’ll be doing while I’m here, before I head off to a galaxy far, far away.

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