Watermelon Road Race 2019: People Participate Fun-Filled Event in Japan (Watch Video)

By | August 29, 2019
Watermelon Road Race 2019: People Participate Fun-Filled Event in Japan (Watch Video)

Watermelon Road Race (Photo Credits: ANI YouTube)

Chiba, Aug 29: Watermelon is the most beloved summer fruit in Japan. Tomisato is a town in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. The town is well known for growing high-quality watermelons. From the last 36 years, Tomisato has been holding this running festival to celebrate the red fruit’s harvest. Visitors from all across Japan come to Tomisato to run and eat this. Some runners and spectators took full advantage of the watermelon theme, by dressing in green, red, and black.

Despite the discomfort, runners bravely put on their best impression of a watermelon. Like the unique costumes, Tomisato’s watermelons have a unique history. The running festival is a way for the local agricultural set up to showcase the year’s harvest and sell watermelon to tourists coming to participate in the road race. How to Use Watermelon to Lose Weight (Watch Video)

Watch the Video Below:

Many participants were interested in the all-you-can-eat watermelon provided at the end of the race. Some runners also brought watermelon back to their home as a souvenir. The race has different levels to suit all age groups, making it a family-friendly event. Children and adults competed in different competitions. Winners received a figurine symbolizing the Tomisato road race, named Tomichan. The town will continue to promote a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition through their mascot Tomichan.

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