University interview coaching bringing success in your career

By | February 13, 2019

Gone are the days when one could apply for university with a letter of recommendation from your school. There is now a well established and increasingly lengthy process to complete, from UCAS Personal Statements through to entrance exams and university entrance interviews. This has all come about through a combination of competitive league tables driving institutions to search for the best calibre of students to the rise of tuition fees. However, all is not lost and university interviews are an excellent way to find out first hand knowledge about your prospective university or college. You should view the interview process as an opportunity rather than a threat, if you really are right for a particular course, even in the top institutions; this is your chance to show it.

Most people seek help and guidance when it comes to the interview stage, and rightly so, it is an important step. Increasingly students are turning to professional services to get the very best help. Most simply type in Interview Training Services UK into a search engine and see what comes up. However, the savvier turn to specialist in the university entrance process. There are a few on the market and probably the most reliable is Adducology, a career and student consultancy. Their interview coaching has developed many young applicants in a way that gives them the knowledge to really stand out on the day. Whichever company you decide to go with you can imagine paying something like £80 for a few hours on the phone or face to face with an expert. This may rise slightly if you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge or to study medicine.

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Is it really necessary, well it is not compulsory, although it does improve your chances on the day and if you have a particular university you are aiming at then it is worth it. Interview coaching and university interview training can really help you and push you in the right direction when the pressure is on. The best advice always comes from the companies which ask you to provide information about the course and university. They should be doing their research before the speak to you and conduct your formal training.

Good luck and I hope you all get the grades and fly through the interviews.

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