Traits and Attributes to Succeed as a CNA

By | February 24, 2019

When you are preparing for the nursing aide career, you must ask yourself what else you need apart from learning the job skills. No doubt, the school or college will teach you to be worth in the job. However, they will not guarantee whether you will succeed as a CNA or not. The success will largely depend on your traits and attributes. If you are just thinking taking the training for the job sake, pause on for a while and see whether you have these following traits and attributes.

Are you Considerate

Nursing aides work for others. The primary purpose of creating this profession is to help people having numerous kinds of problems. Patients out there needs someone to assist them in dealing and getting over their ailments. The sick, injured or the doctors alone cannot do this difficult task on their own. Someone has to do it for them, and who could be better than nursing aides. You can possibly do the job if you have the ability to think about others’ feelings and needs. You can be a good CNA when you stand worth in delivering their requirements even before asking, or when you know how to console them in their needs.

Are you a Good Listener

Patients feel lonely at times when their friends, relatives or family members are not beside them. Whether to help kill the time or just to share about what they are experiencing, patients always look for someone to talk. Most of the times, the topic of discussion would be way beyond your interest. Keeping your interest aside, you still have to be a part of the discussion. Despite running out of patience, you must show that you are enjoying and are all attentive.

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Are you a Talkative Person

Patients and their families always have hundreds of questions. Since you are the one whom they can easily approach to, you have to face it. There will also be several repeat questions that you have answered before. Nevertheless, you have to keep repeating the same when asked by different members. This may irritate you and you will vent your frustration on others. Therefore, you should really like working with people and interacting with them to become their favorite.

Are You Physically Strong

Nursing aides have to do lots of physical works. They have to lift and transfer patients from the bed to the chair and vice versa. This type of exercise is also needed while carrying a patient to the toilet. In addition, there are many bending and stretching of the body is required while taking any tasks. All these works have to be done without injuring the patients and yourself. You can do it only if you are good in health and have been exercising before.

Can You Assess a Situation on your Own

Imagine this, the doctors and other nurses are on a round or busy in some operation. You are alone looking after five to seven people. Then suddenly one of the patients starts showing some strange signs. What will you do under such circumstances? Will you wait for the doctors to arrive, or rush for help? Such moments are crucial and unpredictable. If you are good in assessing them and reacting in the best possible manner, you cannot only pacify the situation, but also bring back the patient to a stable condition.

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