‘Toilet roll situation is making me anxious’

By | March 5, 2020

I don’t know about you, but there’s one thing that’s making me more anxious than coronavirus itself and that’s toilet roll or lack thereof.

For the past few days I’ve looked at the supermarket bare shelves, watched people shove and push one another to get that last packet of Kleenex with a certain rising despair and I’m beginning to feel incredibly uneasy, as in zombie apocalypse uneasy.

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What once was a simple accessible product has now become more rare than and more sought after than a precious gem thanks to Covid-19.

Not only is every supermarket shelf empty of toilet rolls, but type it in Google search and you’ll see thousands of entries selling single rolls for $ 1,000.

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‘Is this the answer?’

Yes, you read it correctly. One thousand fricken dollars for single roll of toilet paper.

Honestly people, is this the nation’s answer to a virus pandemic?

Buy up every toilet roll you can see and on sell it for a bigger margin so you can make a quick buck?

What happened to neighbourly love?

If we do truly have to remain in lockdown because of a pandemic, my fear is that not only will people stockpile like there’s no tomorrow, and push and shove everyone in the process but we’ll also try to make money off people who couldn’t or didn’t.

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Right now, my fear is not catching the dreaded coronavirus, it’s how people are reacting to it.

Everyone is panicking and with their panic acting irrationally and quite frankly un-Australian.

‘Get some perspective’

When we went through the bushfires crisis, everyone came together and worked through the problem together.

At the moment we are literally fighting each other over the last roll of toilet paper, the elderly are getting shoved to one side and are wondering around confused and somewhat befuddled at the supermarkets.

To put the coronavirus issue in perspective, according to Peter Collingnon, an infectious diseases doctor in Canberra, the virus “is less infectious than expected.”

“It appears that about two per cent of people that have had close contact [with an infected individual] may acquire the virus,” he told the ABC.

To date at 09:00 hrs on 5 March 2020, we have 52 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), including 2 deaths in Australia.

Not to suggest we ignore the rising problem of the virus, I just hope that we start to think with our heads, not our asses.

And scavenging toilet roll is not the answer.

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