Tips to Avoid Depression and Anxiety during Coronavirus Pandemic

By | July 27, 2020

Tips to Avoid Depression and Anxiety during Coronavirus Pandemic
Tips to Avoid Depression and Anxiety during Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips to Avoid Depression and Anxiety during Coronavirus Pandemic : The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID 19) has given sleepless nights to everyone on the planet. While the presidents and prime ministers of countries across the globe are making efforts to slow down the spread and the death rate of this communicable disease and global businesses are concerned about their growth, the common man is going through an immense depression.

People are anxious because a majority has lost their job and source of income. Many have no work to do. Because of the lockdown imposed by the government, they have to stay home to avoid virus contamination and the chain of virus spread.

The number of suicide cases has gone up ever since the pandemic began. Coronavirus has caused a historic rise in mental health problems. American federal agencies warn that a tsunami of mental health problems — which include depression and related issues such as substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and suicide — is drawing closer as the epidemic and lockdown intensify.

What Stresses Us Most?

Overthinking often causes stress, which takes you into depression and anxiety. During the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, there is a lot of people can think upon –

  • Worry about self health
  • Worry about the health of near and dear ones
  • Fear of catching the disease
  • Fear of losing someone close due to the disease
  • Fear of losing job
  • Fear of having no money or losing all the money
  • Fear of having no food self or family

These thoughts take you nowhere, but deep into depression and anxiety. According to CDC, one responds to these thoughts based on one’s mental health and one’s background and environment.

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How to Cope with Depression and Anxiety

  • Limit your News

    Knowing too much about the virus spread can cause a heavy dose of depression.

    Listing to radio or TV news is certainly a good habit – this is how you got to know about COVID 19. But, knowing too much often makes us anxious.

    Apparently, television and radio aren’t the only source we grasp news. In an age of digital and mobile, we get a heavy dose of news and rumors from forwarded messages and social network timeline updates.

    Listen to the news once or twice every day. Do not overdo it, because if you give a close look, you will find that it is the headlines behind your habit of overthinking.

  • Healthy Entertainment

    Staying away from news is recommendable. Staying away from (mobile and TV) screen is also advisable. However, if you are not watching TV or scanning through your phone, what else you can do?

    You can read the books which you purchased a few years back, but didn’t get time to read them because of your busy schedule.

    The pollution has dropped, the rivers now have blue water, the sky is bluer, and the air is breathable again – all because of the industries are closed and vehicles are off road.  The planet seems to have recovered from the mess we did to it over time. Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown!

    You too can recover and redevelop good habits like reading books, news paper, comics, and listening to the classical or country music.

    And even if you want to watch your phone, connect it to your TV and tune in some quality standup comedy or any other show of your choice and watch it with your partner or family. It will be a great fun!

  • Exercise and Yoga

    Keeping yourself healthy and your immune system strong is the best way to overcome or avoid depression and anxiety. Exercising and yoga can help you with that.

    Take deep breaths and meditate. This will help control negative thoughts.

    Indulge in some Pranayamas. Pranayamas are an incredible way to improve the health of your lungs – the body organ that is at the highest risk because of the coronavirus.

    You should include exercise and yoga in your daily routine during and post lockdown. This will take you to another level of healthfulness, apart from protecting you from many viral and seasonal diseases.

  • Eat Healthy

    You are what you eat – is an old adage. However, when we realize that coronavirus spread in human because of our eating preferences, we must stick to eating only what is right and what is healthy for us.

    Do not eat stale foods. Instead, have home cooked meals – not because pickups and drive-thrus are closed, but because it is fresh and healthy.

    Include green veggies and fruits in your meal plan. Avoid alcohol and animal meat as much as you can.

    Do not take any drug without your doctor’s prescription. It can have an adverse and life-threatening impact on your health.

  • Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

    This is what keeps all of us happy. Speak to them every day, if you are not with your family currently. Call them, email them, tag them in social network updates and comments, and video chat with them at frequent intervals.

    These little things will not only give you joy, but also be a great support for your and your family’s mental health.

    Want to make your loved one feel special? Why not send them a gift with a customized label or sticker, designed by iCustomLabel?

    Staying connected with family will also keep you updated with their needs regarding medicines and other essential supplies.

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This is the most difficult time the human race is facing after the plague outbreak in the last century. We all have to unite on the war against COVID 19.

We can make our contribution by staying home until the lockdown ends and by not violating the guidelines (related to quarantine and isolation) issues by the government.

The best way to avoid depression and anxiety is to keep yourself and making the most of your time. And if there comes a time you feel down and depressed, don’t hesitate to call your family or friends, or 911 for help.

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