Tips for Giving Effective Presentations

By | February 6, 2019

Nowadays, presentations are very commonly used in entrepreneurs; most often appear in different meetings. They are usually demonstrated through some supplementary means, such as projector and PowerPoint. The following are the commonly recognized main elements or tips involved in preparing and delivering an effective presentation:

Elements relate to contents

Firstly, the Key objectives; State the purpose, scope and objectives of the presentation in a clear, concise manner. This can include both qualitative and quantitative elements.

Then, the Plan; Tell the story on how to achieve your objectives. This is where you identify and describe your strategy.

The next is the supportive evidence; Support the main body with relevant business charts to illustrate and highlight key figures. Use relevant facts to support your story.

At the end remember to call actions. Creating a sense of urgency for the approval of what you’re presenting ASAP, and instilling a sense of loss if your idea does not proceed beyond this point.

Elements relate to form or style

You must keep in mind all the time that you are trying to “sell” something to the audience, whatever it be ideas, a product, a plan, strategy or anything else. All your aim of your presentation is to persuade your audience to “buy” what you are “selling”.

In the presentation, your ideas must be thorough, attractive and convincing that the audience is eager to buy what you’re selling. Basically, you’re capturing their imagination.

What’s more, be concise is very important to state your ideas or goals. And to support your idea and story, it is possible to use relevant facts and figures that drive home the key message that you are trying to get across to your audience.

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To create distinctive form of presentation, there are many tips to follow. And the recommended one is to use book flipping effect rather than the common PowerPoint. The book flipping effect presentation, which can be created easily by the flipping book creator, is new and fantastic to present the ideas in book form pages. It helps you create an interactive document that can be embedded with videos, pictures, and other multimedia features.

To make better presentations, we can also learn some tips from Steve Jobs, who often gave presentations when the new products coming out and the contents were really attractive from the beginning to the end.

1. Write down your ideas before making the PowerPoint, this is more important than information;

2. Think from the view of the audience to make it clear about what they really want, and express your opinions in the most simplest words;

3. Always has three parts, rather than three or four points;

4. More pictures than words in Projection;

5. Humorous, no dull;

6. Tell stories.

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