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By | September 5, 2018

Indoor said a this a few mulberry bags sale word, and I couldn’t help but think of the islands of the people’s soldiers. On those islands, mulberry outlet store and you will be deeper understanding to “a everywhere” serious significance. I’ve been to a small island, the island is small. However, of life on the island is how boiling ah! Are the beaches, the sky, the sea, and will not allow any invaders to spy out and invasive step, the people’s own army keep artillery positions day and night, mulberry outlet store from the telescope, and from gun in the mirror observed the ocean of any action.

These islands mulberry outlet store as China’s eyes, the soldiers and like islands in the eye. Both in YueBaiFengQing level 9 of the winds and waves or at night, they were absorbed at the broad ocean waters. Not only that, they have built small island as beautiful garden. It is the snake winding, JingZhen the worm desolate island, after they hard labor, above built strong barracks, monarch out the boulevard, and from all over mulberry outlet store the country to come to the flower seeds, and wide plant with a smiling face welcome a person of various kinds  of flowers and fresh vegetables.

Also built animal mulberry outlet store husbandry and bar, perked up pigeons; And from the sea to touch a ShiHua, into the island of fine arts design. See these, it is can’t help but think, all of our land, each one of islands, the YiCunCun soil, the guard of the heroes in sweat and irrigation under, quickly in the changing face.

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while not an inch  of land one inch gold mean, this is used to remember that year resist imperial aggression of the national hero. mulberry outlet store The length of the land and the area calculation unit can use zhangs, with kilometers, mu, with hectares, however, in the meaning of land and containing, its calculation with one inch, the unit should be a pinch to measure.

Because it represents a national sovereignty, mulberry outlet store never let indoor violations, a heap of earth are treasures. Here, I think the whole map of China, and in the hands of our generation, must make it actually really intact. Taiwan, peng, also be a handful of the reactionaries itself, we must put it liberation. From the front line in fujian province, we hear how many moving story ah!

Not only our brave and powerful navy and air force,  give beauty jiang reactionaries a heavy blow, is militia groups, also cleverly hit the enemy. mulberry outlet store Many young children is, in artillery bombardment of automatic connecting wires also run, send a message content. They reflected the entire Chinese people to defend every  inch of land and strong will.

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