Therapeutic Schools for Those with Asperger’s Syndrome

By | September 12, 2018

Humans are social animals and are trained from birth to act in ways accepted by the culture and society they move in. Thus, most people react differently to those who display behavior that is contrary to social norms. What needs to be understood though is that one cause of this behavior is Asperger’s syndrome.

Doctors classify Asperger’s syndrome as an autistic spectrum disorder. Sufferers of this syndrome are known as “aspies”. Aspies are characterized by social awkwardness and a very strong interest in certain topics. Not everyone who has these two characteristics can be considered an aspie; the presence of the syndrome is suspected when those characteristics significantly interfere with the way that person relates with others.

The causes and risk factors of Asperger’s syndrome are not fully understood yet. Genes, changes in brain structure, and some childhood vaccines were linked to the syndrome. In addition, boys seem to have a higher risk of developing Asperger’s than girls. There’s no known cure for aspies yet.

This doesn’t mean that a child with Asperger’s syndrome should be impaired by this disorder. The child can be brought to a doctor. Before setting up an appointment with the doctor, the parent can observe the behavioral patterns of the child for a certain period to determine if the child is really an aspie. The parent can also refer the child to a therapeutic school.

Therapeutic schools offer educational programs designed to meet the learning needs of people with learning disabilities, as well as people who have behavioral and emotional problems. These schools are usually supervised by mental health professionals. Therapeutic schools offer services like counseling and rehabilitation in addition to academic classes. Students who have disorders like Asperger’s syndrome can benefit from these schools.

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In the United States, therapeutic schools can be found on the website of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). The determination of the right therapeutic school for a child is very important. This is to ensure that needs are met and that the condition is not aggravated by ignorance of the syndrome.

Therefore, the parent can send the child to an Aspergers school. To check whether the school can adequately serve the needs of a young aspie, the parents can look at the academic curriculum and extracurricular activities provided by the school. It’s possible for aspies to have the condition for the rest of their lives and still have a normal, happy, and healthy life. For more information on selecting the right therapeutic school for a child, check the article at

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