The view from an infectious disease physician in Texas [PODCAST]

By | July 6, 2020

“Death is not meant to be rushed. Saying goodbye shouldn’t be rushed. Celebrating a life once lived cannot be rushed. And yet, we must. Taking a moment, a minute, an hour, maybe a day to feel something that normally takes far longer. Because we must. And in our hearts, the grief remains. Frozen in time in this state of mourning that we are all experiencing. We say the same words to our friends, to the families of patients that we ourselves have been the recipient of. The awkward moment when we realize that offering our condolences, again and again, has begun to lose meaning. There is a certain degree of numbing that occurs, perhaps protective, when faced with traumatic situations day in and day out. What do you when the tears no longer fall?”

Julie B. Trivedi is an infectious disease physician.

She shares her story, explores the pandemic from the perspective of a Texas-based infectious disease physician, and discusses the KevinMD article, “How do you grieve when you are still mourning?

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