The Eight Secrets of Our Life

By | March 5, 2019

I live in the world for twenty years. Occasionally I heard a scholar told me the secrets of life. So I tell them to you in the following, hope they are useful to you.

First one, the more pays, the more gains. This is the rule of the sum of a positive and negative energy is zero causing the laws. At the same time, the more gains, the less blessings. Second, the more ugly the heart is, and the more pain you have. This is a reflection of the universe causal mechanism, meaning that if a person’s life has many troubles and much pain, it is evidenced that this person’s mind is ugly.

Third, the more beautiful the structure is, the more beautiful the look is. The more perfect the structure of life is, its external appearance is more beautiful, on the contrary, the more structural defects of life are, the more ugly the looks is. Fourth, the more words you have, and then the heavier damage it will have. The more people talk (including writing), for others and self-inflicted injuries is more severe. Talking more and writing more is not the performance of rich knowledgeable and high intelligence, but a sign of shallowness. It’s like a poorly managed company or a machine with not high precision, the greater the amount of production, the less quality, and defective waste is more. You are tired by others, because of your words too much.

Fifth, the more beautiful your soul is, the more beautiful your future will be. This is a reflection of the law of attraction, the more beautiful soul who does something always on a positive, optimistic and bright this side, so he attracts all the good things. But the more ugly soul people always stand negative, pessimistic and dark this side. So, trouble, misery, suffering and evil always accompanies him.

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Sixth, the more owns, the more trouble is. Contradiction is that unity of opposites, a thing must go hand in hand with its opposite. Seventh, the more persistent you are, the farther away from the truth you will be. Somebody always considers himself is the right person, who is the people do not understand the truth.

At last, the more you choose the short-cut, the father your road is. For any life, never let you out of thin air to derive from what you want to. In general, the more you want to go the short-cut, the father away from your goal, and it is easy to commit a great error.

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