The Apperception of Being Low and Who Knows the Bitterness of Cows

By | February 10, 2019

An eagle was soaring in the sky and accidentally saw a sparrow. The eagle said to the sparrow scornfully: “Poor bird, your vision can only be so low. What is the meaning of living?” The sparrow asked the eagle: “What are there in the high place?” After thinking for a while, the eagle answered: “There is a kind of open and unfettered beauty in the high place.” The sparrow smiled: “Do you know what is there in the lower place?” Finishing these words, the sparrow flew away unboundedly. The eagle was startled and a thought flashed in its mind: to experience the feeling of flying low.

After a few gaps, the eagle saw the beauty that it had never seen before: mountains are one after another, lakes are crystal and clear, forests are green and luxuriant… The eagle suddenly realized: different height has different beauty.

One day, my son took out a book from the study and said: “Dad, I want to ask you a question. Do you really know how does milk come from? You may not know how much bitterness of cows are hidden behind milk!”

Cows also have bitterness? That question really threw me at the moment. I hurried to open the book and found the text that my son asked me to read. The text is just like this—“Milk comes from an animal named cow. The reason why cow produces milk is the cow gives birth to a calf. There is no single female individual of mammals that will drip milk from the breast for no reason every day. Why does a cow give birth to a calf? Because it is pregnant. Why is it pregnant? Because it has artificial insemination… Drinking milk often comes from factory farming industry. Cows on the dairy assembly line have never seen a bull, but they are kept giving birth to calves and producing milk. Cows even cannot see their calves and the calves cannot see their mothers, either. When the calves come to the world, they and their mothers are separated. Some calves are artificially fed, repeating their mothers’ fate; some are sold as part of beef cattle; some also are sent to biochemical factories, becoming serum, protein and enzyme!”

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After reading this text, I suddenly felt heavy in my heart. It turned out that every drop of milk is worthy of being awed.

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