Take a seat and check out the colour trends for 2020

By | November 16, 2019

Mid-century design house Essential Home has released its round up of the hottest colours for 2020, and the predictions are in keeping with what we’re seeing on Australian shores. Cool shades that reflect widespread concern for the planet sit side by side with pops of fun colour on this must-have list, illustrated here via a range of Essential Homes plush armchairs and sofas.

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Mellow yellow. With an upbeat, playful tone, this colour revisits the popular 1960s mustard tone that has gained strength in recent seasons across fashion and design. Mellow Yellow is upbeat and solid enough to work from the beginning to the end of the season.

Neo mint. The top colour for 2020 represents a fresh tone of green that has a cool, futuristic feel thought to be fit for the new decade. Now, more than ever, we recognise the importance of the environment and the preservation for future generations and neo mint represents this.

Cantaloupe. This has a feel-good quality that is perfect for high summer. Cantaloupe also plays into the continuing appeal of typically feminine colors that can cross over into other categories.

Cassis. A natural evolution from Millennial pink, the deep purplish tones of the elegantly understated cassis draws inspiration from nature in shades that are sophisticated, colorful and rich; crushed blackcurrant, rich aubergine and the like.

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