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ACOs in Medicare Shared Savings Program post third year of savings

Dive Brief: The Medicare Shared Savings Program saved the agency $ 1.19 billion in 2019, according to CMS performance results of 541 accountable care organizations released Monday. This marks the third year of savings for the value-based care program and its largest yet, CMS Administrator Seema Verma wrote in a Health Affairs blog post Monday.… Read More »

Things you should think about when you hear “vaccine by end of the year”

On July 27, 2020, the Washington Post reported, Two coronavirus vaccines begin the last phase of testing: 30,000-person trials, wrapping it in historical terms: Getty Images At 6:45 a.m. Monday, a volunteer in Savannah, Ga., received a shot in the arm and became the first participant in a massive human experiment that will test the effectiveness of… Read More »

Why male infertility year

Kumar TCA. Unfortunately, there are some forms of male infertility that are not treatable. In: Campbell Walsh Urology. In some cases of infertility, a man produces less sperm than normal. The present literature will help in knowing the trends of male factor infertility in developing nations like India and to find out in future, various… Read More »

Can a 1 year old have asthma

I thought I was on top of the asthma until our emergency visit and then I started thinking there was probably a lot more can a 1 year old have asthma learn than I knew. Make sure her caregivers and teachers have copies so they’ll know how to treat her symptoms if she has an… Read More »

Can a 1 year old have diabetes

Being unable to afford food that fits into their diabetes plan — reviewed medical journal Diabetes Care. Take her in for evaluation – while balancing a need to avoid acute problems of high blood sugars old complications of diabetes. But it is believed that the can destroys the cells that normally make insulin, diabetes complications… Read More »