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Can a 1 year old have asthma

I thought I was on top of the asthma until our emergency visit and then I started thinking there was probably a lot more can a 1 year old have asthma learn than I knew. Make sure her caregivers and teachers have copies so they’ll know how to treat her symptoms if she has an… Read More »

Can a 1 year old have diabetes

Being unable to afford food that fits into their diabetes plan — reviewed medical journal Diabetes Care. Take her in for evaluation – while balancing a need to avoid acute problems of high blood sugars old complications of diabetes. But it is believed that the can destroys the cells that normally make insulin, diabetes complications… Read More »

The government recovered $3B in fraud last year. Nearly 90% was from healthcare

Of more than $ 3 billion recovered by the federal government in fiscal year 2019 from fraud and false claims, 87% involved the healthcare industry, the Department of Justice announced Thursday. It’s the 10th consecutive year the department has recouped more than $ 2 billion from False Claims Act cases with HHS as a client.… Read More »

After a year on Medicare, advice for journalists on stories that need to be told

The annual Medicare open enrollment period ends soon.  America’s seniors have faced a blizzard of dismaying news about the program. Here are some excerpts from newsworthy stories that you should be aware of. Excerpt: “The federal government recently redesigned a digital tool that helps seniors navigate complicated Medicare choices, but consumer advocates say it’s malfunctioning… Read More »

Bonding Problems Emerge Early and Persist Across the First Year of Life

A mother’s emotional relationship with her baby begins during her pregnancy.  After her baby is born, the mother’s feelings about her baby, described as bonding, typically grow and intensify and become the foundation of the mother’s relationship with her child. Postpartum depression can profoundly affect how a mother interacts with her child and is a… Read More »