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Tips to staying cool while you work from home this summer

According to Roy Morgan research, approximately 4.3 million Australians have temporarily relocated their work space to home since March, a trend that may continue throughout the hot summer months for a substantial proportion of us. While many workers are used to being comfortable in commercially air conditioned office environments, you may find your at-home workspace… Read More »

Low-Dose Testosterone for Depression in Women: Does It Work?

In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries in small amounts; however, levels of testosterone decline with age, independent of menopausal status. Low-dose testosterone has been used to improve sexual functioning in women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder.  In addition, other studies have shown that testosterone may improve fatigue and depressive symptoms.  However, these studies… Read More »

Do blood type diets work

The blood type diet emphasizes certain foods and exercise plans for different blood types. There are no studies backing up the claimed link between weight work blood type and no research that shows lectins react type with various blood types. Diets or Girl? How this works. Type O: Claimed to be the ancestral blood group… Read More »