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Watermelon when on a diet

Include watermelon in a fruit salad, which is good for producing nitrous oxide for relaxing the blood vessels in turn. Opting for a watermelon diet helps removing watermelon when on a diet from the bladder and kidney, it mainly depends on how much weight you want to lose when you are following a weight loss… Read More »

Watermelon Road Race 2019: People Participate Fun-Filled Event in Japan (Watch Video)

Watermelon Road Race (Photo Credits: ANI YouTube) Chiba, Aug 29: Watermelon is the most beloved summer fruit in Japan. Tomisato is a town in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. The town is well known for growing high-quality watermelons. From the last 36 years, Tomisato has been holding this running festival to celebrate the red fruit’s harvest.… Read More »