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The covid-19 pandemic has shocked the mental-health system out of complacency – The Washington Post

The scene was maddening. But after more than a decade of reporting on the mental-health beat, I knew it was not unusual. The system is cautious, often for good reasons. But that conservative approach often means throwing up hurdles that keep vulnerable people from getting the care they need. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed how… Read More »

Washington state health officials give coronavirus guidance: ‘Don’t panic, get prepared’

Health officials in Washington state gave an update on three local coronavirus cases on Saturday to provide the public with guidance on how to avoid infection and review who is most at risk of contracting the disease. Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer for Seattle and King County, began by announcing three new positive cases in the state. One of the patients passed… Read More »

There’s a problem with Bernie Sanders’s favorite healthcare defense – Washington Examiner

Whenever Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders is confronted about the cost of his $ 34 trillion proposal to replace all health insurance with a single government plan, he likes to point to other countries that manage to offer coverage to their populations at a lower cost than the United States. “Somehow or another, Canada can… Read More »

Pharmacy chains face October 2020 trial over their role in the opioid crisis – The Washington Post

Seeking to kick-start the sprawling nationwide opioid litigation, a federal judge on Tuesday scheduled a trial against major pharmacy chains for next October and proposed sending three other cases back to other federal courts where they originated. Judge Dan Aaron Polster, the Ohio federal judge in charge of the nearly 2,500 lawsuits filed against the… Read More »

Bernie Sanders demands retraction of ‘inaccurate’ Washington Post fact check

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign has requested that the Washington Post Fact Checker retract its recent analysis calling the Vermont senator’s claim that 500,000 Americans go bankrupt each year from medical bills “flawed.” “I am writing in regards to the Washington Post Fact Checker’s Aug. 28 analysis, headlined: ‘Sanders’s flawed statistic: 500,000 medical bankruptcies a year,’”… Read More »