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COVID-19 vaccines are being developed at record pace. And that’s a serious concern

Article content continued Part of the problem is that the science keeps shifting, evolving. Is COVID airborne or not? What’s the size of a particle, a droplet? “Should you be six feet away, should it be three feet, should it be 2,000,” Johnson said. “It’s not wrong, it just looks like science doesn’t know.” Safety,… Read More »

A Tasty Gluten-Free Easter Bread Recipe That’s Nutritionist Approved

We all know Easter is about those damn chocolate eggs, but what if we told you that Remedy nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill specially whipped up this super-duper healthy and TASTY Easter Bread recipe just for you?  Created with carrot, sultanas, gluten-free flour, coconut sugar, and dark chocolate, this healthy vegetarian Easter Bunny Bread is actually delightfully… Read More »

“That’s it, I’m never having sex with anybody ever again”: what helps people with HIV get over these feelings

For people living with HIV, sexual adjustment after diagnosis is affected by fears of transmitting the virus and of possible rejection by sexual partners, new qualitative research shows. Healthy sexual adjustment over time is facilitated by partner acceptance; peer, community and professional support; and up-to-date knowledge of HIV transmission, including U=U. Barriers to healthy sexual… Read More »