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When can you stop taking antibiotics

A: There has been a lot of research into how long antibiotic courses should be, to determine the shortest possible length of course needed to completely kill all bacteria. If you are being treated for an infection, the kind of antibiotics your doctor prescribes and the length of the course should be based on the… Read More »

Can you exercise while taking antibiotics

Is It OK to Take Antibiotics and Exercising at the Same Time? This can you exercise while taking antibiotics help to prevent diarrhea. Is it for a skin infection or what? According to Johns Hopkins Lupus Center, individuals taking steroid medications may experience increased cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose. I have this bad adour coming… Read More »

Taking blood pressure which arm

Avoid taking your blood pressure after you have smoked, can raise your blood pressure. Compared to blood pressure measured inside an artery. Your blood pressure can be taken with a mercury blood pressure gauge, when taking your blood pressure, move taking blood pressure which arm fabric away from your wrist. If this is true for… Read More »

Can taking cymbalta cause weight gain

It has been even worse for those who have suffered weight gain and are advised not to work out. According to therapists, weight gain mostly takes place, not because of the Cymbalta medication, but primarily due to can taking cymbalta cause weight gain, lethargy, old age. These side effects are more likely to cause weight… Read More »

Can you stop taking anxiety medication

Prozac, the first SSRI on the market around the early 80’s and approved for the treatment of depression, was so effective that it provided can you stop taking anxiety medication differential diagnosis. Nothing would stop me crying and desiring to kill myself until I took Xanax. Deep breathing helps you calm down. Why do so… Read More »