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Where is science diet made

Puerto Made English. Diet current foods include frozen raw sciience freeze-dried raw options which are available across the US. Where dog food made in USA incorporates whole foods, whole grains, whole vegetables, eggs, real mats, whole chickpeas, and green peas. Was buying call science the wild but found out some ingredients are sourced out of… Read More »

Dopamine fasting: Misunderstanding science spawns a maladaptive fad

The dopamine fast, created by California psychiatrist Dr. Cameron Sepah, has very little to do with either fasting or dopamine. As Sepah told the New York Times, “Dopamine is just a mechanism that explains how addictions can become reinforced, and makes for a catchy title. The title’s not to be taken literally.” Unfortunately, with such… Read More »

Anti-hepatitis medicine surprises: New effective treatment of hep C not only combats the virus, but is also effective against complications – Science Daily

Hepatitis C is a serious disease, but the biggest threat to someone’s health is not the virus itself. Rather, it is the diseases that can result from it such as reduced liver functioning, scar tissue in the liver and potentially cirrhosis. A new study shows that the antiviral treatment which has been used to fight… Read More »