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Nervous system actively stops Salmonella from infecting body

Bacteria get on our nerves Under normal conditions, Peyer’s patches — clusters of lymphatic and immune tissue found exclusively on the wall of the small intestine—scan the environment, sample substances and determine what can go into the intestine. To perform this function, Peyer’s patches are studded with microfold cells, or M cells, which are cellular… Read More »

Salmonella outbreak tied to pig-ear dog treats sickens 12 people

Twelve people have been hospitalized in a salmonella outbreak linked to pig-ear dog treats, the feds said Friday. The Centers for Disease Control reported that a total of 45 recent cases of salmonella originated from the treats, affecting people in New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas… Read More »