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Marriage counsellors weigh in: how to preserve a relationship in self-isolation

Keeping a marriage alive in the age of coronavirus is going to need a lot of patience, hard work, and possibly therapy, according to marriage counsellor Clive Murphey. When couples find themselves stuck indoors with each other for two weeks or more, Mr Murphey says that is the time when the deep-rooted cracks start to… Read More »

‘I beat my abusive relationship with sugar after tipping scales at 23st – here’s how you can too’

After decades of bingeing on sweet treats and failed yo-yo diets, weight loss expert Molly Carmel finally discovered the secret to transforming her relationship with food for ever. Sugar addiction comes in all shapes and sizes – and in all bodies. If you find yourself deep into a box of doughnuts when you’ve sworn to… Read More »

What’s your attachment style? The relationship advice everyone needs

In the latest entry to our new Healthista Collective, Sexual and Relationships Psychotherapist Kate Moyle helps you figure out what’s your attachment style and what it means for your relationships What is an attachment style? What does this mean for my relationship? Can one psychological theory really predict the future connections that we make, and… Read More »