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Reduce Light Pollution to Sleep Soundly and Feel Energized

Our hunter–gatherer ancestors didn’t have LED lights, iPads or street lights ablaze all night. Instead, they were dependent on the sun, the moon and fire for light. Consistent light cycles ensured that circadian rhythms, moods and hormones were in check. But today, it’s a different story. We’re exposed to bright lights well past sunset, and… Read More »

Study Shows That Statin Meds Reduce The “Good” Brown Fat

Some individuals have the brown kind of adipose (or fatty) tissue as well as white adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue assists in converting fat and sugar into heat. Individuals having brown adipose tissue regulate their body temperature better, particularly in the wintertime, and they are more unlikely to be affected by diabetes or excess weight.… Read More »

Can weight lifting reduce belly fat

For example, if you do 8 exercises, choose 2 exercises and increase wejght weights while the others stay the same fxt you’ve been reduce pound weights, belly up lidting But you also have visceral fat within your abdominal cavity. If you do abs first, you will weight them out, and your whole workout will be… Read More »