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Coronavirus lockdowns just ‘defer the problem’ of third wave, UK scientist warns

A UK government science adviser warned Sunday that ongoing lockdowns just “defer the problem” — and warned that a third wave of the coronavirus next year is “entirely possible.” Mark Woolhouse, who sits on Britain’s Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M), dismissed the UK’s latest lockdown as trying to “stick this out for another six months”… Read More »

When did anorexia become a problem

Before the ‘s, most people had never heard of anorexia nervosa. Since then this mysterious and frightening eating disorder, which afflicts primarily teen-age girls and young women who diet to the point of near starvation, has received a great deal of attention, creating the impression that it is a new phenomenon. Actually, anorexia nervosa is… Read More »

There’s a problem with Bernie Sanders’s favorite healthcare defense – Washington Examiner

Whenever Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders is confronted about the cost of his $ 34 trillion proposal to replace all health insurance with a single government plan, he likes to point to other countries that manage to offer coverage to their populations at a lower cost than the United States. “Somehow or another, Canada can… Read More »

Fake drugs: How bad is Africa’s counterfeit medicine problem? – BBC News

The proliferation of fake medicines in Africa is a public health crisis that can no longer be ignored, according to a UK charity. There’s a meeting of seven African countries, in Togo, this week, to combat the problem. Congo, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Uganda, Ghana and The Gambia will discuss measures to clamp down on trafficking… Read More »

Why is antibiotics resistance a problem

The toolkits also provide advice why is antibiotics resistance a problem the importance of shared decision making with patients. Chris Del Mar receives funding from NHMRC and royalties from books about evidence-based practice. Also known as antimicrobial drugs, antibiotics have saved countless lives. The NICE guidelines recommend that primary and secondary care healthcare professionals use… Read More »