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Kim Kardashian Oozes Sexiness In a Hot Pink Bikini While Chilling On a Beach (View Pics)

Kim Kardashian is definitely making the most of her free time. The pandemic got everyone sit at home and enjoy strictly virtually. This automatically made everyone miss and value the outdoor activities. Now, as the lockdown has eased in some parts of the world, people are hitting the nature spots like never before. One of… Read More »

Pretty In Pink: From Food To Baths To Lamps, Pink Himalayan Salt Should Be Taken With A Grain Of…

Different types of salt. Sea, Himalayan and kitchen salt. Getty Yet another way to spend disposable income is to buy fancy salt. In fact, the word ‘salary’ originates from the Latin word salarium (‘sal’ meaning ‘salt’). Roman soldiers were either paid with salt, or paid in order to buy salt, a known precious commodity back in… Read More »