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Scientist leading Britain’s coronavirus vaccine urges Government to produce millions of doses

Oxford scientist leading Britain’s coronavirus vaccine race urges Government to help produce millions of doses amid hopes jab could be ready by September Professor Sarah Gilbert said manufacturing in Britain will need to be upscaled  Sir Patrick Vallance said it will be ‘challenging’ but it ‘can be done’ He said vaccines are a ‘long shot’… Read More »

New blood test could be used to help millions infected with TB

Protein power The research team set out to create their blood-based test by identifying a signature set of biomarkers in patients’ blood that consistently indicated a high likelihood of ATB, then developing an easily deployable assay that could detect that signature. They first measured the levels of 47 different blood proteins in about 400 samples… Read More »

Can psychedelics treat anorexia, depression? U.S. scientists get millions to find out

Since childhood, Rachael Petersen had lived with an unexplainable sense of grief that no drug or talk therapy could entirely ease. So in 2017 she volunteered for a small clinical trial at Johns Hopkins University that was testing psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, for chronic depression. “I was so depressed,” Petersen, 29, said… Read More »