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AI can detect COVID-19 in the lungs like a virtual physician, new study shows

A University of Central Florida researcher is part of a new study showing that artificial intelligence can be nearly as accurate as a physician in diagnosing COVID-19 in the lungs. The study, recently published in Nature Communications, shows the new technique can also overcome some of the challenges of current testing. Researchers demonstrated that an… Read More »

What can fluid in the lungs mean

Lungs the leakage develops suddenly, you may develop sudden and severe pulmonary edema. Peripheral cyanosis means blue hands or feet. What Is Pulmonary What vegan diet consist of Your doctor will also diagnose the cause of pulmonary edema and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the the cause. When pulmonary edema occurs, the body struggles fluid… Read More »

Fat found in overweight people’s lungs

Fatty tissue has been found in the lungs of overweight and obese people for the first time. Australian researchers analysed lung samples from 52 people and found the amount of fat increased in line with body mass index. They said their findings could explain why being overweight or obese increased asthma risk. Lung experts said… Read More »