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Long tail lizard diet

Long-tailed lizards are underappreciated as pets. They lack the size of monitor lizards, the personality of bearded dragons and the bright colors of chameleons. Nevertheless, they exhibit interesting natural behaviors when kept in well-designed enclosures. Using their tails to help them balance on thin branches and twigs, long-tailed lizards are remarkably quick and agile predators.… Read More »

Long term diet sucess

You just need to work to our staff at each this again. For a primary care practice the challenge is to sustain session and follow-up session patients to sustain the benefits of the diet. The recorded weight was reported and metabolic risk factors. Recently, a fourth behavior was identified: consuming breakfast daily N Engl J… Read More »

Can keto be a long term diet change

It starts off as a non-judgmental description of what to eat and what not to eat. Simple oversight, perhaps? This is news to me. I would love to see studies showing that people who eat whole foods and eliminate refined starches and sugars require a high level of phytonutrients. That data does not exist. But… Read More »

Long term benefits from the fasting mimicking diet

Fasting for Longevity: 9 Questions for Dr. Long the first idea was fasting. The most common self-reported grade 1 mild or grade 2 moderate symptoms experienced by the participants were fatigue, weakness, mimicking headaches. They have term studies demonstrating decreased IGF-1, improved insulin sensitivity, benefits CVD risk factors, and possibly the diet benefit of all… Read More »