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This Week In XR: $300M To Ro And Heal Telehealth, Virtual Music Fest Rakes In $15M, COVID’s Got CES

CES 2021 moving to an all-digital experience on January 6-9, 2021, extending COVID’s winning streak over the best laid plans. It’s probable the online version will be a shadow of itself. Expect droning Zoom webinars, scores of online product demos, and a smattering of VR side events. The good news is that many people, millions… Read More »

When can abilify heal

Emmy-nominated Brain Games tv-show is back! Used in this manner, Nyx is able to “fly” across tiles so long as she has energy to cast Absorb. The most commonly used method is the Epley maneuver. Control duration is affected by Ability Duration. It also causes the prefrontal cortex to slowly atrophy. Symptoms Vertigo can feel… Read More »