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Jason Derulo Knocked Out Will Smith’s Teeth in a Game of Golf, and Of Course it Was Documented on Instagram

Jason Derulo took golfing lessons from Will Smith. Jason accidentally swung his golf club too hard and whacked Will in the mouth, causing him to lose a few teeth. I honest to God cannot believe that it’s August 2020 and being quarantined is still very much A Thing, but here we are folks. Naturally, the… Read More »

Isolation Motivation: Padraig Harrington’s top tips for staying ‘golf fit’ at home

So your favourite golf course has been padlocked, the driving range is a no-go zone and no amount of rolling will turn your back garden into a putting green. Don’t worry, the very best of help is at hand. Three-time major winner Pádraig Harrington has given Fitter Happier an exclusive insight into his very own… Read More »