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Jason Derulo Knocked Out Will Smith’s Teeth in a Game of Golf, and Of Course it Was Documented on Instagram

Jason Derulo took golfing lessons from Will Smith. Jason accidentally swung his golf club too hard and whacked Will in the mouth, causing him to lose a few teeth. I honest to God cannot believe that it’s August 2020 and being quarantined is still very much A Thing, but here we are folks. Naturally, the… Read More »

The End of the Game

By IAN MORRISON Back in the early 2000s I was on the board of the California Health Care Foundation and one day the German Minister of Health paid CHCF a visit as part of a learning tour of American healthcare. Mark Smith MD CHCF’s CEO invited me to join the meeting with the minister. She… Read More »

Can a new generation of weight-loss drugs finally help patients win at the losing game?

In 1992, a University of Rochester pharmacologist named Michael Weintraub published a study on a drug combination that appeared to produce never-before-seen weight loss. By week 34, his subjects — 121 volunteers — lost, on average, 30 pounds. What’s more, they rated the fenfluramine-plus-phentermine regimen not only more helpful than placebo, but also not terribly “bothersome.” The tiny study… Read More »

Animal Bingo Game for Shape and Color Recognition by LEGO Education DUPLO

Welcome to Animal Bingo, a new twist on a fun, classic game. Preschoolers pick a building card enabling them to construct their animal by collecting the corresponding bricks as they are drawn. As they build the colorful and simple models, they engage in shape and color recognition and matching. Preschoolers will explore collaborative play as… Read More »