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Do not eat these foods on keno diet

Hi Pratik, what is meant by “occasionally” is that cheese and dairy products these general should not be overeaten can stall foods progress. Dear madam, I want to start the keto diet but I am allergic to all nuts, excepts almonds pine nuts and peanuts, to all shellfish, and pork. Really recommend chia and hemp… Read More »

Foods to stop eating on a diet

According to a study in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, having oatmeal for breakfast results in greater fullness, less hunger, and fewer calories eaten at lunch compared to a serving of corn flakes, even though the calories for the two breakfasts are the same. According to a study published in the journal Public Health,… Read More »

6 Of the Worst Foods for Your Heart

The number of people diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases increases with each year. There are numerous reasons for that, with unhealthy diet being one of the main factors. Some foods consumed regularly can do real damage to the heart and blood vessels. 1. Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Beverages and not foods are the biggest sources of sugar for… Read More »