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A tricky combination: Face masks, hearing loss and hearing aids

Face masks are now required in many public places to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. For people with hearing loss, though, this may be easier said than done.  That’s because face masks add extra challenges for people with hearing impairments: It’s harder to understand people when they’re speaking to you with a mask on their… Read More »

Coronavirus: Black Britons face ‘twice the risk’ of death, says ONS

Black men and women are nearly twice as likely to die with coronavirus as white people in England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics. The analysis shows the inequality persists after taking into account age, where people live and some measures of deprivation and prior health. People from Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani… Read More »

Why use vitamin c on face

It also aids in fighting free radical damage use support collagen production. Works well with: Why C works face with complementing antioxidants like, vitamin E and ferulic acid, which will boost the efficacy vita,in stability of the molecule. This vitamln help fade dark spots and lead to a more even-toned complexion. Product Guides. When your… Read More »

Costco Will Require All Shoppers to Wear a Face Mask, Starting This May

Costco has increased its safety measures to protect people during the COVID-19 outbreak. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen across the country. We’ve already seen grocery stores, restaurants, and other essential businesses taking careful precautions to help ensure the health and safety of their employees. Now, starting May 4, Costco is asking… Read More »

What face masks can you buy amid the coronavirus pandemic?

The good face-mask guide: As UK health officials consider urging everyone to cover their mouths MailOnline reveals the best from top surgical-level respirators costing £20 each or ten mouth covers for £1 each British chief scientist, Sir Patrick Vallance, said officials are reconsidering masks  Authorities in Spain and France are handing out face masks to… Read More »