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Why are diabetes medications so expensive

They found that the brand-name of oral medications increased by 9 percent and injectable brand-name drugs increased by 15 percent. Outpatient insulin therapy in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus: scientific review. Learn more about the function of this hormone, how insulin resistance affects glucose levels, and more. Jeremy Greene: And what’s happening with… Read More »

How to market high-quality, expensive dentistry on the internet – Dental Economics

Is it possible to have a website that will sell high-ticket dental procedures on the strength of the website alone? I believe it is and allow me to show you how. A marketing fundamental  The first and most basic principle you need to understand about marketing is that emotional appeals are more effective than rational… Read More »

Watch Us Make KSI Wash a Barbie Doll’s Hair and Eat Cheetos on ‘Expensive Taste Test’

If you’ve been a loyal viewer of Expensive Taste Test, then you’d know that the episodes where celebs know jacksh*t about the products we give them are some of the most entertaining ones. Do we feel bad for doing that? Eh, sort of. (JK, not really.) Y’all probably recognize KSI from his viral YouTube videos,… Read More »