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First COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective?

With more than 180 COVID-19 vaccines currently in development1 — 53 of them undergoing clinical trials in humans2 — manufacturers are racing to be the first to reach the market. Pfizer, in a joint venture with Germany-based BioNTech, may have just taken the lead, with an announcement that their mRNA-based vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, was “more… Read More »

Without an effective test and trace we’re destined for lockdown

Yes, Boris and his sidekick Matt Hancock have made glaring and costly mistakes during the Covid pandemic. Their mantra, “We follow the science”, is hollow and at times dishonest. Follow the science they haven’t. The most glaring example of not following the science came to light earlier this week when the SAGE scientists made public… Read More »

Fleece neck gaiters and bandanas are least effective at stopping COVID-19 droplets, study finds

Article content continued A laser beam is expanded vertically by a cylindrical lens and shined through slits in the enclosure. The camera is located at the back of the box, a hole for the speaker in the front. The inset shows scattering for water particles from a spray bottle with the front of the box… Read More »

Why is yoga effective

The effect of yoga on respiratory functions, tune in to your spiritual nature that connects every cell of your body yoga the universe. This helps the why system fight infection — and almost anyone can do it. The shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves, it takes is lot of strength… Read More »

How effective is acyclovir for genital herpes

These drugs can also reduce the severity and duration of symptoms when they do flare up. Apply it approximately four hours apart. Many people who take the antiviral drugs daily have no outbreaks at all. Keep all appointments with your doctor and how effective is acyclovir for genital herpes laboratory. Avoid touching the sores unnecessarily,… Read More »