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Doctors in tech cities are losing the rat race

Populous cities are populous, well, because people want to live there. Whether the appeal comes from greater career opportunities or simply being closer to family, these places have continuously grown over the last few decades. The growth is seemingly self-sustaining — certain industries and businesses exist because there is a population that desires these services.… Read More »

Why Doctors Aren’t So Sure Trump Is Feeling Better From Covid-19

Standing on the steps of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, with a phalanx of white-coated doctors behind him, the White House physician, Dr. Sean P. Conley, ticked off President Trump’s encouraging vital signs: no fever, only slightly elevated blood pressure and a blood oxygen level in the healthy range. “He’s back,” Dr.… Read More »

Doctors hope to send Trump home Monday, as Canadian experts question his COVID-19 treatment

Article content continued Conley was more transparent Sunday, indicating that the president had twice had episodes of falling blood-oxygen levels. Those levels are important because they indicate how much oxygen the lungs are transferring into the blood supply, crucial for keeping the body’s various systems functioning. The first time oxygenation dropped, late Friday morning at… Read More »