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Brain ‘signature’ could help to diagnose schizophrenia

People with schizophrenia and their healthy siblings share patterns of brain activity that are different from those seen in individuals with no family history of the disorder, scientists from EPFL have found. Because the siblings do not show schizophrenia symptoms, this brain ‘signature’ could serve as a marker for the early diagnosis of the disorder.… Read More »

What age can you diagnose asthma

You you’re diagnosed with asthma, you may also have allergy family doctor or your child’s. No single finding will indicate that the child has asthma, age if the child diagnose several of these findings, it means it is more likely. If your child’s symptoms are can controlled for a time, your child’s doctor might recommend… Read More »

Telehealth a target for venture capitalists as its potential to diagnose coronavirus grows

Technological advances are rapidly changing the way healthcare is delivered, and in few arenas is this more visible than in telehealth. As a treatment option, remote video conferencing with a doctor or health professional is a concept that is becoming more viable, as internet connection speeds increase and devices are created that allow for tests… Read More »