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Coronavirus could cause 35,000 extra UK cancer deaths, experts warn

Delays to cancer diagnosis and treatment due to coronavirus could cause thousands of excess deaths in the UK within a year, research suggests. Scientists suggest there could be at least 7,000 additional deaths – but in a worst case scenario that number could be as high as 35,000. There are concerns routine screenings, urgent referrals… Read More »

Can zithromax cause muscle pain

This is the illness caused by the new coronavirus. And for information on how to prepare, advice on prevention and treatment, and expert recommendations, visit our coronavirus hub. The oral tablet is available as a generic drug as well as the brand-name drug Zithromax. Generic drugs usually cost less than the brand-name version. In some… Read More »

What can chlamydia cause

Have an honest and open talk with your health care provider. Having chlamydia may also make it more likely to deliver your baby too early. Infection sometimes spreads to the tube that carries sperm from the testicles, causing pain and fever. Some scientists believe it to be the most common bacterial STI in the world.… Read More »

What diseases cause male infertility

We also recognise that couples and individuals who desire but are unable to achieve a healthy pregnancy have needs that must be addressed: infertility and subfertility affects an estimated 48 million couples about 15 percent of reproductive age worldwide. There are ten major reasons for male infertility, although they typically do not manifest visible symptoms.… Read More »