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One vaccine to beat COVID, Sars, Mers and common cold – possible?

PhotobyTawat/Shutterstock Sheena Cruickshank, University of Manchester SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – belongs to the family of betacoronaviruses that cause everything from the common cold to Mers (which kills about one in three people infected). Despite causing a wide range of symptoms, these viruses all share similarities. If they’re similar enough, could one… Read More »

‘I beat my abusive relationship with sugar after tipping scales at 23st – here’s how you can too’

After decades of bingeing on sweet treats and failed yo-yo diets, weight loss expert Molly Carmel finally discovered the secret to transforming her relationship with food for ever. Sugar addiction comes in all shapes and sizes – and in all bodies. If you find yourself deep into a box of doughnuts when you’ve sworn to… Read More »

Sanofi beat out 3 suitors and one last-minute bid in its pricey $2.5B Synthorx buyout

When Sanofi picked up biotech Synthorx for a cool $ 2.5 billion this month, it paid a rich premium to enter an increasingly competitive immunotherapy field. But in the face of stiff competition, sometimes a blow-away bid is what it takes to win the day. Synthorx picked Sanofi out of a field of four suitors for IL-2… Read More »