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How antibacterial drugs affect bacteria

Reveals that murein hydrolases in E. Inhibit cell wall biosynthesis. Inhibits the enzyme involved in the production of tetrahydrofolic acid. However, the mode of action of many AMPs may, in fact, be more complex, and cell death networks uncovered for existing antibiotics could be used as mechanistic templates to study cellular responses induced by AMPs.… Read More »

Where to buy acne bacteria

The first contact between an infecting phage and its bacterial host is the attachment of the phage to the host cell. A small part of leaving the body in an unchanged form. In vitro antimicrobial activity of silver-processed catheters for neurosurgery”. The elements silver, sulfur, and copper have also been demonstrated to be toxic towards… Read More »

Medical News Today: Common foods alter gut bacteria by influencing viruses

A group of researchers has brought the idea of food as a medicine one step closer. They have identified certain common foodstuffs that alter our microbiome. In science today, food and gut bacteria are two topics that are guaranteed to fuel interest and debate. Both, of course, are interrelated, and a new study focuses on… Read More »

How antibiotics work on bacteria

Vaginal itching or discharge: signs of vaginal thrush. Tetracyclins are used as broad spectrum antibiotics to treat many infections. The fourth generation is still under research and yet to hit the medical practice. Let’s get down and dirty with how antibiotics destroy bacteria. How antibiotics work on bacteria classes attack the replication cycle of the… Read More »