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Texas anti-abortion groups split over case of 11-month-old on life support

Texas “pro-life” groups are divided over the prospect of removing the respirator and feeding tubes from 11-month-old Tinslee, who was born with incurable heart and pulmonary defects and has been on life support since she was a newborn. Tinslee’s mother, Trinity Lewis, is in a legal battle to keep her daughter alive and receiving medical… Read More »

If you’re anti-abortion, Pinterest might accuse you of spreading ‘harmful misinformation’

Pinterest used to be a harmless time-suck that filled your feeds with unattainable kitchens, delicious cocktail recipes, and seasonal style. Now, it’s no better than Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube when it comes to social media censorship. This week, Pinterest blocked the anti-abortion group Live Action from its platform for spreading “harmful misinformation.” On Tuesday morning,… Read More »