Should You Rest Your Li’l Bod Beneath a Quilt or a Duvet This Summer?

By | June 19, 2019

I’m in my mid-twenties and therefore I rent my apartment. Which is all fine and great, except for one small, personal problem: I am a habitual redecorator. If I could, I’d repaint my bedroom every six months. But my lease doesn’t allow that and so I’ve found a suitable alternative: compulsively changing my bedding.

In the fall and winter, I achieve this with a rotating cast of duvet covers, and come summer, I swap out my fluffy comforter for a flat, lightweight quilt. In my obsessive opinion, all people should have these options. But if you’re normal, don’t want to keep 12 extra sets of bedding in your home, and need to pick a bed topper and stick to it, I’ve got you covered. Because I’ve literally tried every possibility imaginable, I’m here to impart my knowledge upon you.

Are you a quilt girl?

A traditional quilt has three layers: a visible top and bottom made from cotton, stuffed with a thin, inner material called batting, which you don’t see (unless you rip your quilt apart like a wrestler would a phonebook) and is usually made from either wool or down. Because each layer is thin and made from breathable fabric, these are a great lightweight option for those who think a weighted blanket sounds like an extra layer of hell or who always wake up sweaty. They’re also perfect if you prefer your bed to look sleek and tidy rather than fluffy and disheveled.

Buy a quilt if:

  • You sleep really hot. ? They’re lightweight and thinner than most comforters or duvet inserts.
  • You dig a layered look. If you do get cold, a lot of quilt-people (yes, that’s a type of person) like to layer over a blanket or even a comforter for added texture and warmth.
  • You love giving money to a dry cleaner. Because these are a bit delicate (because of all those layers), when it comes time to clean the quilt, you’ll likely need to hit up a professional. (Though check your label—some may be totally fine to toss in the wash.)
  • You don’t need to sleep on a cloud. Quilts aren’t going to be tall and fluffy like a duvet or comforter. If you’re chill with your bed looking flat, go forth.

    Or are you a comforter girl?

    Like quilts, comforters are one-piece bed toppers designed to be thrown on top of your sheets straight outta the bag. But the similarities kind of end there. These are thicker and filled with more down (or a comparable alternative) than you’d find in the thin layer of batting. So while hot sleepers or people in warm climates might feel too sweaty under these, they make a great option for people who want the fluffy cloud look without having to put too much work into it.

    Go with a comforter if:

    • You get chilly! Or, you know, if you sleep with someone who cranks up the AC at night and freezes you out. Because they have more filling, comforters tend to be warmer than quilts.
    • You want some bedding flexibility. Hate to break it to you, but comforters are basically just fancy duvets. So if you wanna, shove yours in a cover to give your bedroom look a cheap ‘n easy refresh.
    • You, once again, love giving money to the dry cleaner. You’ll need to have this thing regularly laundered if you choose not to go the duvet cover route.
    • You have central AC or live somewhere that’s never hot. Otherwise you might get sweaty. Which is the worst.

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