Schools for Troubled Teens: What Parents Need to Know

By | September 18, 2018

Being a parent is hard. This is true especially if you are having trouble making ends meet and still worrying about what your kids do all day. This is made all the harder if your kid is going through issues to the point that people see him as a troubled teen.

There is no accurate definition of a troubled teen, but it is mainly someone who has trouble fitting in. Personalities can range from shy and introverted to violent and sadistic. This is a big problem for parents, so service providers all over the country try to give more options for parents in dealing with troubled teens. One of these options is called a therapeutic boarding school or, quite simply, a school for troubled teens.

There are several types of schools for troubled teens, the most popular of which are residential, boarding, boot camp, and wilderness camp. Residential schools have psychiatric staff that monitors each student. This is usually for teenagers who have psychiatric disorders or other neurological problems that make them unable to function in society unless treated.

Boarding schools, on the other hand, are for teenagers with serious lifestyle problems. Teens who have a propensity to run away from home or those with alcohol and drug abuse problems are the usual clients of boarding schools. This type of school has 24-hour supervision of all its students, which also makes it good for teens who are depressed or have low self-esteem and are at risk of committing suicide.

Another type of school that offers help for troubled teenagers would be a boot camp. There are two types of boot camps: private-owned ones are for teens who aren’t in that bad a shape, while state-run camps are for teens who would otherwise be in juvenile prison. Boot camps offer activities similar to that of military training, which would help teach students accountability and the importance of health and teamwork.

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Wilderness camps are for teens who are more nature-oriented. These camps are designed to teach students the importance of responsibility and social interactions. Schools for troubled boys and girls that are in this category give students the feeling that they are simply on a camping trip with a couple of friends, not like the rigid structure of boot camp activities.

Whatever type of facility you choose to send your kid to, be sure that their services suit his needs. For more information on schools for troubled girls and boys, you can visit or

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