School Career Days, changing the lives of the next generation.

By | February 2, 2019

The influence that a well run career day can have on children’s future careers is substation. A well run School Career Day, with influence from outside of the school such as business’s, local and national can help significantly. However, they must be aimed at children at the right age, principally at GCSE level. At this point, before these students choice their A-Levels is a perfect time. Deciding on which A-Levels to take is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. The choices at this level will in turn affect the choices available at university and subsequently in careers.

That is why a school career day can have so much influence. There are principally two types, the round robin of stands with different business and the project based days. The first is good for children to see all the options available to them and to speak to as many companies as possible, however, it lacks depth. From what I have seen the best are those hosted by one or two companies. These career days tend to have more influence from the companies and projects are run by the students.

For example, a career day run by an investment bank may have a number of small hands-on projects where the students are given tasks around trading and finance, all at an appropriate level and most importantly fun! Or a day run by a national media, where the students run a story, produce a paper and a short news clip. Most industries can make a fun and appropriate project for a school career day.

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There are a few companies which run this sort of thing. The one who I spoke to was who are a career and student consultancy. They explained the reasons behind school career days becoming so popular. Companies want to bring in fresh young talent and schools want to have an influence on the direction that their students look. Much of the cost of these days is taken up by companies outreach programs and corporate responsibility budgets, which gives schools even more of an incentive to run a career day. Career services and bespoke career services can be put together in a few months and teachers should make the first move and once they have done this the rest can be taken care of by a consultancy leaving them time to teach.

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