Satire And Online Art

By | September 21, 2018

Everyone likes to have a laugh – and its a good job too because it laughter, as tey say, is the best medicine which not only makes life more enjoyable but is also very good for your health as well! Because of this it is unsuprising that one of the main uses that the internet has been put to has been making and sharing funny things.

Often there is a fad or craze for a particular kind of thing – and these are often called internet memes. In many cases these internet memes involve funny pictures along with some kind of writing such as a slogan or caption, and often there is a heavy dose of satire involved in them. This generally means that they are mocking something, or being very ironic.

A good example that has been incredibly popular has been de-movational posters. These began as mockeries of the kind of motivational posters that you get put up by bosses in the work place, and include a picture, a single word that they represent in some way, and then a slogan underneath that which reveals the satire.

Other examples have been mock election posters for political parties which use satire to make a serious political point, or just to make the other side look silly.

In fact there are so many of these things that you would have to say that the internet has created huge new source of top quality satire which combines both imagery and art – either photos, photoshopped images, or often cartoons and drawings too, and writing as well in the form of the slogans, captions, speech bubbles and so on.

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If you haven’t been keeping up with these internet memes in the past then I would definitely recommend that you start doing so, and perhaps even creating your own and sharing them with friends or on websites. it is great fun and that really is the best thing about this – that it is an artform and an outlet for satirical expression which is deliberately set up so that anyone can participate – so get involved, have some fun, and express your creative side!

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