Plasma Ball Light 4″ inch Interactive Touch Responsive Lamp Tesla Coil Lightning Effect Science Educational Fun Gift (4 Inch) Reviews

By | February 9, 2018
Plasma Ball Light 4

Who knew science could be so enjoyable? With the 4″ inch Plasma Ball you’ll get more than just a funky representation of how plasma waves work. You’ll get an awesome table lamp or eye-catching display piece to have in your home. Your kids will also love watching as the electrical waves dance around the inside of this globe, and for even more added enjoyment, watch as the pulsating waves of color attract to your fingers each time you run them along the ball’s outer edges. *Disclaimer: Our plasma ball features a sound activated function but will only work with loud sounds or speakers. Sound sensor is underneath the base of this lamp.

  • Science in a Globe: Portable Plasma Orb Lamp with a Tesla coil
  • Interactive Learning: Just touch the glass ball to generate and control the plasma streams with your fingers!
  • Easy To Use: Powered by 12V adapter (included)
  • Makes A Great Gift: Fun decor for any home, office, school or desk
  • Dimensions: 4 inch (5″ x 5″ x 10″ in.)

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